09 Jun

Troubleshooting Authorize.net "Error connecting to AuthorizeNet" CURL error

Every now and then you run into one of these simple problems that end up taking hours to troubleshoot. Today I had one of those, where I was trying to switch a client's Authorize.net payment gateway to live, bult on the PHP AIM SDK.

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03 Feb

Integrating Typekit into the Drupal CKEditor 3.x/WYSIWYG module

The ability to reference the site stylesheets in CKEditor on top of WYSIWYG in Drupal is very helpful in giving clients more context while editing content. One of the bigger problems I've run into though is, what if you're using Typekit to apply typefaces throughout the body text?

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31 Jan

New site, new year

Hey folks! They say the doctor is alwats the sickest patient. Took me years to finally put up a site of my own. My hope and aim is to share snippets of code and other solutions to problems I run across on a daily basis.

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